Patrick Tobias


web peace piece 2017 oil on panel 48x36

“I think that the monochrome, or the “all over” eld of color, is the place for me. It’s one of the only words chris- tened by art historians to describe painting that I’m not completely o ended by. It’s not abstract painting, I’m not taking something and turning it into something else. That would mean to introduce ideas about authorship, identity, politics and originality and nothing is more unoriginal. The monochrome is the best word to describe my paintings because the very word itself is testimony to the impossibility of describing a painting with words. I’ve always especially liked the term monochrome because it wrongly implies that painting is one single thing.
Color and marks are the main objective and they both come from French Post Impressionism, among other things. The titles of the paintings have always been taken from history, if the viewer has to have words in their head when they look at my paintings they should evoke something historical.” -Patrick Tobias