Polina Perl



Polina Perl was born in Riga, Latvia. As a young girl living under the domination of the Soviet government, Perl dared to pursue artistic expression in a society that tried to control expression. Upon her graduation from high school in Riga, Perl was chosen as the youngest member to work in a small, private, studio under the tutelage of Russian drawing professor, Vitaly Borisovich Kortunov.

Kortunov was a taskmaster who demanded much of the young artist, yet Polina Perl thrived and felt emboldened, gaining confidence by her classical art studies. It was a confidence she would need as the outside world pushed it a way into her life and her family left Latvia for the United States. It was only after arriving in the United States that Perl was finally exposed to the forbidden works of artists like Wasily Kandinski, who became an important influence on the young artist.

In 1978, determined to have a successful life in her new country, Perl began studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. She graduated in 1980. Upon moving to Los Angeles, Perl settled into life as a successful fashion designer, working in prestigious west coast firms for over eighteen years.

Several years ago, however, Perl felt a desire to return to an old love, ceramics and so she attended a ceramic class at Santa Monica City College. There she reawakened her lifelong passion for art and became a teaching assistant for several terms as she re-immersed herself in individual expression. Today, that passion takes up every spare moment as she creates her timeless pieces.