Todd Pownell

11 by 12mm (0.4 x 0.5 in.) squarish pendant in 18ky gold bead set with inverted diamonds, approx. 0.80cts. TW
11 drilled baguette diamonds on each earring regular set with platinum pins on 14kw, backed with pierced 18ky and 18ky post and backs, 1.34cts. TW
11 inverted drilled pin set marquise diamonds on 14kw backed with an 18ky, 18ky gold cable chain, approx. 2.41cts.
11mm oxidized silver spheres set with inverted diamonds, 18k yellow gold jump rings, and ear wires approx. 4.00cts. TW
12mm 18k yellow hoop style earrings with inverted diamond set in 14k white darkened bezels approx. 0.25cts. TW
14.5mm wide hinged bangle with mixed shaped and colored platinum pin-set diamonds on a layer of 14kw gold wrapped with 18ky gold, box clasp and safety, 52.5 cts. TW
14kw darkened prong set earrings with 18ky posts and backs, 3.36cts. TW
14kw gold over an 18k yellow backplate​ with drilled marquise inverted diamonds set with platinum wires, approx. 5.70cts.
18kw ring set with an oval rose-cut diamond surrounded with inverted black diamonds. Diamond: 8.10 cts. Small black diamonds: 1.11 cts.
18ky prong-set​ oval orange/white rose cuts with a cluster of inverted black diamonds, 18ky posts and backs, oval 5.26cts., rounds 0.90cts.
18mm wide oval 18K yellow gold hammered layer over oxidized silver hinged bangle bracelet, diamond bead set in a lightning pattern, approx. 4.50cts.
2 to 4 mm 14k rose gold undulating band with small round diamonds bead set in darkened stations, Approx. 0.30cts. TW
20mm (0.8 in.) long earrings, 14kw sheet over 18k yellow gold backplate, diamonds set with platinum pins, 18k yellow top and ear wires. Diamond slices 7.95 ctws., 4.07 cts. marquise, 2.08 cts. rounds
21x6mm oxidized silver concave rectangles with a center row of small inverted diamonds, 18k yellow gold ear wires, approx. 0.30cts. TW
3-4mm wide 18k yellow gold irregular channel ring set with diamonds, lightly hammered sides, and darkened channel, Approx. 1.55cts. TW
30x18mm amorphous darkened 18kw gold pendant with inverted and traditionally mixed diamonds on a hand fabricated 18k yellow oval link, approx. 3.00cts.
3mm 18ky gold shank set with a 2.00ct pear shape diamond, size 7
3mm flat hammered 18ky shank set with yellow oval diamond and 10 small black diamonds 0.85cts. TW natural fancy deep yellow colored diamond (GIA graded)
3mm wide platinum inverted single cut diamond eternity band with hammered sides and darkened center approx. 0.70cts. TW
5mm 14k rose gold tapered band with rectangular amorphous top set with inverted diamonds, Approx. 1.10cts. TW
5mm 18k yellow gold tapered band with rectangular amorphous top set with inverted diamonds, Approx. 1.10cts. TW
6 mm hammered platinum band with bead set round diamonds in the darkened center, Approx. 0.65cts. TW
6mm 18K yellow gold hammered layer over oxidized silver with fissure cut set with inverted diamonds, Approx. 0.50cts. TW
6mm wide platinum chunky band bead set with inverted and right side up diamonds, Approx. 0.75cts. TW