New Works by Emmi Whitehorse

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1st Art Walk 2015

December 31, 2014 - Susan Viebrock

The Gallery has represented Whitehorse’s work for over 20 years. The artist is widely known for her large, abstract, mixed-media panels, largely created with chalk, oil-stick, and pigment rubbed, drawn, and scratched onto paper and applied to canvas. The ethereal work explores memory and land and her Navajo culture. Whitehorse’s images are part of many notable collections and is on display at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, New York, NY.

“As an artist I have intentionally avoided politically-oriented subject matter and angst-ridden or physical wrestling with the act of painting itself.  To make art, the act of making art must stay true to a harmonious balance of beauty, nature, humanity and the whole universe. This is in accordance with Navajo philosophy. I have chosen to focus on nature, on landscape.

“My paintings tell the story of knowing land over time – of being completely, microcosmically within a place. I am defining a particular space, describing a particular place. They are purposefully meditative and mean to be seen slowly. The intricate language of symbols refer to specific plants, people and experiences.

“…My work is about and has always been about land, about being aware of our surroundings and appreciating the beauty of nature. I am concerned that we are no longer aware of those. The calm and beauty that is in my work I hope serves as a reminder of what is underfoot, of the exchange we make with nature. Light, space and color are the axis around which my work evolves.”